Just Another Manic Monday… Tuesday… oh hell, Monday again…

March 10, 2010

The title of (last) Monday’s post was obvious. Came in to work, and the call queue was ten deep, including a very entertaining customer that I started trading emails with on Friday. See, this guy purchased our system three years ago. Since then, he has called tech support four times. One was unrelated to the current issue. The other three calls – including Friday’s – all come on roughly his yearly anniversary of buying the product. He contacts us, claiming the clocks our system uses are suddenly chewing up batteries. He claims that it’s been going on, and he’s just now contacting us. To put this in further perspective, we have given him, free, a total of four replacements over the last two years. Meanwhile, our largest customer has over four-hundred of these units, situated all around the US, and has experienced less than a 1% failure rate. I emailed him, explaining that no, the product warranty doesn’t “reset” when we replace a clock, and that if he’d care to send us the clocks, we’d test them, and if they were in fact defective, replace them free. This morning, I had a rambling email chiding us for “not standing behind our product”, and threatening to quit using our product if he doesn’t receive a replacement clock by Friday. Since I’ve been known to be a bit overly verbose, I sent him another email, simply repeating the offer, just in case he was having reading comprehension issues. I’m anxiously awaiting his reply, to see if he repeats his bluff, so I can entertain myself explaining to him that his pattern shows very clearly what he is trying to do, and that no, we are not going to roll over for him.

It was a WoW weekend, of course. Quiet, in the big scheme of things, but some relatively major happenings, particularly in the League of Eternal Aggro. Let me introduce some of my guildies, just to make life easier. I’ve generally protected their anonymity, but I think I’ve been giving them short shrift overall, so now’s as good as time as any to bring them out into the light of the blogsphere. As I’ve told you, we’re a very casual, laid back crowd, most of us on the far side of middle age, and historically, we’re deathly allergic to pugs. Sue (Edelestar/Shalae) and I were the first two to leave Thunderlord for Winterhoof. Sue’s my quiet right hand, who goes about her business keeping us in Fish Feasts, pots, and just about anything else. She also tackles the job of keeping me pretty much grounded in reality, and helping me keep my big mouth from stirring stuff up, and as a result, she gets the brunt of my moods. Ron (Lightblazer) and Joyce (Tiamarie) joined us almost immediately. Until recently, it was just the four of us, and other than a few Outland instances, we really just concentrated on questing. Once my son Nick got his DK up into the seventies, I leveraged the fact that I pay his WoW account to steer him to tanking. About that time, RG and I started chatting, and she drug me a long with Crits and Apathy, getting my foot in the door of random heroics. That was truly a major turning point for us, I think.

So, last weekend,  one of my guildies, whom we refer to as “Nana”, made 80 on her mage Bootters, who just came over the Winterhoof, and we promptly celebrated by running her through a few instances, and getting her some new gear. I spent most of Sunday gathering mats and arranging other gear for her, as well as fishing, to build up the guild stock of Fish Feasts. Another guildie, Deb, brought over her warlock, Mysticdemon from Muradin. She fits right in with us… another casualty of the cliche with her old guild: “you need to be better geared, but we don’t have time to help you through the instances you need to go to for upgrades”. She’s actually not played the ‘lock since October, she was so frustrated; we’ll cure that in no time.  I got her started out in Borean Tundra while we were waiting for more bodies to get online. Edelestar (Sue’s druid) came on, and I dragged Bootters back to Dalaran where we set about dressing her. Shalae and I pooled resources, and got her a Titanium Spellshock Ring, my tailor alt threw in the Hat of Wintry Doom, and we came up with some workable gems, including a CSD. At the same time, we had a problem… that gave us six bodies online, with one tank, one dedicated healer, and four DPS. Wow… first time we’ve really had to deal with that! How cool! Since Nana has a viciously chaotic schedule in real life, we concentrated on her runs last night. I mentioned this to Mystic, and she responded in her typical fashion: “Oh, no worries. I’m having fun questing ” (out in Borean). So, we tackled Heroic UK, which went well, then Heroic Nexus. We had one issue, at the intersection outside of Grand Magus Telestra’s room, when a patrol came up behind us, but other than that, went through pretty much without incident, other than the squishy mage (me ) pulling aggro and dying a couple times.

Monday progressively became more and more of a nightmare. Slow night on WoW… random heroic, some farming, and sleep. Cut to Tuesday. Another crazed day at work. I logged on, checked the guild front. Nothing going on. Lore whispered me asking if I was up for a ToC25 run, followed immediately by Kalyon “ToC25, nao!”

Um… gee. I’m there. Now, quick review. I’ve been in ToC precisely one time, and that time, we failed to get beyond the Faction Champs. Considerably different this time. I was a bit lost, but what else is new? It was a typical Apathetical run. Very low key, light hearted, and fun. Got some goodies.

The rest of the week descended into real-life scheduling chaos. Everyone, it seemed, had something going on. The weekend rolled around, and it continued. My daughter had a softball game Saturday – five innings of complete and utter pitching DOM-IN-AY-SHUN!!! – and that tied me up most of the afternoon. Suffice it to say that all my big plans for guild runs over the last weekend were for naught.

So, Monday again… the craziness continues. Tuesday. Log on, and Veja du, I’m being invited to ToC25 again. This time, Lore asked if my boy was available to come along as an off-tank. Does a bear druid drop a load in Moonglade??? Hah! I get the boy on, and away we go.

Ok, so how many times and ways can I describe a raid with Apathy? Sure, I could go into blow-by-blow descriptions of each encounter, except I’m not to a point that I can keep track of what’s going on in a raid like that. I lived. I died. This week, no loot, but the boy scored big, and kept the family legacy alive. Lootwhore Jr. But all in all, it was more of the same. “The same” being just enjoying the hell out of a well run raid, with minimal finger pointing,  people doing their jobs, and a lot of patience for those of us who don’t know the fights by heart.

Ok… so I’m caught up. Phew. And the week is still crazy. Cuervo, take me away!!!



  1. LOL. We ought to just add you to the invite list for the Tuesday ToC runs, seems like we’re always a person or two short. 🙂

    Definitely glad to hear things in the guild are going so well. A far cry from wiping in VH with me that first night, eh? If any of the others want to come along to BWL Monday for Classic Raid, let me know, I’ll pass them an invite.

    • LOL… actually, Lore said Tuesday he was adding us to the list.

      Yes, it’s definitely come a long way; but then again, like that pally said that night in UK… we all have to start somewhere. We’re actually almost to a point where we’ve collected enough bodies to fill out the better part of a 10 man raid. lol

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